Come As You Are Yoga Dvds


Price: $13.95


From the manufacturer…

The first yoga DVD released from the Cleveland Clinic.

Come As You Are Yoga; Gentle Yoga Anyone Can Do Anywhere. (Total Running Time 55 minutes)

-Release Muscle tension, improve posture and balance, and breathe deeply and de-stress
-Gentle and user-friendly for beginners or experienced yoga practitioners
-A chair is used for standing and seated postures, no need to change clothes or get on the floor
-Perfect for use at home, office or clinical setting

Cleveland Clinic Wellness Yoga Program Manager Judi Bar E-RYT 500 and Yoga Therapist guides you through 4 short segments: (Segments may be done individually or together as a complete practice)
-Warm Ups
-Back and Lower Body
-Standing Poses
-Guided Relaxation

Mike Roizen, Chief Wellness Officer, Cleveland Clinic…“Judi Bar can help anyone bend…She even helped my steel beam muscles. She’s a brilliant teacher. So do this “Come As You Are” Yoga DVD, and after this DVD…you can get a “do-over”




Price: $11.99

From the manufacturer… Yoga You Can Do Anywhere

Cleveland Clinic’s own Judi Bar breathes new life and energy into your beginner to intermediate yoga practice.

Take a look: Watch Judi’s Video Overview.

Slow down to nature’s pace… quiet your mind… slow your breath… bring your life into balance… and radiate positive energy. Come As You Are: NATURE combines the beauty of nature with heartfelt yoga – as you release muscle tension, improve posture and balance, and build strength, your practice can help relieve stress and give you more energy and well-being.

This DVD includes four sections which can be used separately or combined into a complete program. Plus, take your practice anywhere with the enclosed Yoga on the Go! pose booklet.

WARM-UP: Calm your mind and prepare your body with this sequence of seated stretches which are good for your back and releasing muscle tension. (23 minutes)

ENERGIZE: Focus on balance, breath-work and fluid movement with standing poses designed to connect upper and lower body and relieve stress. (17 minutes)

STRENGTHEN: Challenge yourself with postures accentuating deeper strength. Poses graduate in difficulty and include Sun Salutations and balancing poses. (18 minutes)

RESTORE: Relax with this soothing guided relaxation post-workout or anytime to rest your body, calm your mind and bring more joy and peace to your day. (10 minutes)

Judi Bar E-RYT 500, Registered Yoga Therapist, is an author, international speaker and Yoga Program Manager for Cleveland Clinic Wellness. In addition to specializing in therapeutic yoga to treat chronic pain and illness for patients, she has developed unique yoga programs that are accessible to everyone – even those not comfortable in a traditional yoga class. The “Come As You Are Yoga” series was created with that in mind. “NATURE” provides a variety of postures for beginners and intermediate practitioners. Namaste!

Total Running Time: Approximately 60 minutes.