Sleep your way to holiday sanity

Sleep Your way To Holiday Sanity 💤 😴✨

The holidays are upon us. Your to-do list is most likely longer than usual, which means that your stress level may be higher than usual, too. You may be tempted to change some of your everyday routines in order to cross things off of that lengthy list. Don’t feel like washing your hair? Hey, dry shampoo exists for a reason! Before you push your bedtime later, though, know this: Getting good sleep during the holidays can be the difference between enjoying the season and enduring it. Do your best to stick to a consistent bedtime that allows for a minimum of 7 hours of sleep. Fit in a brisk walk, even if it’s a short one. Beware the open bar at holiday parties. Yes, alcohol feels relaxing in the moment, but it can disrupt your sleep. And if your mind is still whirling when you out on your PJs, try this calming exercise from Judi Bar, yoga program manager at Cleveland Clinic.