Have You Found Your Light?

Yoga is a lightDo you think you have light inside you?  What does that mean, anyway?

It’s hard to identify, but when you see it in others, you recognize it and are even drawn to it. You wonder, how do I get what they have? 

It’s possible for absolutely all of us to experience that light-filled feeling and maintain it.

You’ve probably all experienced this light when, for example, you were so excited and elated about an event in your life that you felt like you were floating. You felt weightless, airy, happy … like you could handle almost anything.

In contrast, we know what it feels like to be around people who are negative and have heavy, dense energy. Or there are times we have felt that way ourselves. It is not pleasant to be around that or feel it within.

So, how are we able to experience that light-filled feeling in our lives that is not dependent around a happening or an external source?

Yoga and meditation, slow, mindful breathing, gentle movements, and relaxing thoughts are great avenues to take. Without external objects or situations, we are able to come to a place of peace, joy and those feelings of contentment produce that light-filled energy that you and those around you feel.

Yoga is a wonderful way to fan that internal flame. Like many things, it comes with time and practice. You become more aware of the simple pleasures in your life, learn to go with the flow, and look at yourself and others in a nonjudgmental, compassionate way.

You learn to open your heart to life and truly experience it. That, my friend, is a simple recipe for a peace and joy-filled day.

Less is more, and an eloquency in the simplicity of life.

Be well my friends.



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