Engage, but Detach: The Paradox

This is a hard thing to do. To be present, experience life with every fiber of our being, yet somehf5f8eef4fdbc1a0bd315a0c5cf4a42acow, also remain unattached. What does that even mean?

Well, let’s take the weather right now for example. We seem to keep getting a few teasers of spring, but then it’s almost like Mother Nature is saying, “just kidding!”

In those moments, some of us might get frustrated, might get a bit glum or irritated, stressed or frazzled, thinking, “Why do I live here again?”

Yet, let’s examine it a bit deeper. Perhaps Mother Nature is saying, be present. Take it all in, soak it all up, but remain a witness. As the saying goes, “Be in the world, but not of the world.”

When it is warm. Be present, enjoy the warmth, the sunlight, the magnificent sunsets we’ve been having, the fresh air, the slight dewiness of winter thaw. Don’t take the moment for granted. Enjoy it. And when it’s cold again, be present. Be good to yourself. Dress warmly, enjoy the feel of layers, even if you might be tired of them. Feel grateful for warm clothes and heated buildings. Enjoy a stroll outside in the crisp, clean air. Knowing this, too, shall pass.

As you feel the transitions of the seasons right now, try to go with it. Think of yourself, as you have transformed over the years. It’s never this completely linear thing. It’s often a few steps forward, one step back, a few steps forward, one step to the side. As Mother Nature transforms, she, too, takes a few steps forward, and one step back and then to the side and then forward again. So let’s dance with her … and let’s dance with ourselves, our daily lives. Enjoy the dance, be present, yet know that you are bigger than the dance, you are part of the stage, the lights, the entire backdrop. Take in every detail, feel it all, yet know it all moves, transforms and changes. Be the experience AND the witness.




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