Pose of the Week: Five Pointed Star


five pointed star (2)Five Pointed Star is one of my favorite poses. It is both grounding and energizing. It seems quite simple yet, when done properly, it engages several muscles throughout the body. During the wintertime especially, starting out your day with this pose can help bring energy, confidence, grounding, balance and calm to your mind and body.

Stand with your heels just a little farther than hip-width apart and toes facing outward, engage the thighs, the glutes, and take a deep breath into the lung as you pull the shoulder blades inward and life your arms up overhead and out to the sides. You can look forward, or up, slightly arching back. Imagine you are a funnel for receiving healing, nourishing energy.

Suggested affirmation: I am grateful for everything in my life in this moment. All is well in my world. I Am That I Am.



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